About e Spirit Bridge

Reconnecting Spirit in all things
Bridging Diverse Understandings with an open spirit

Our goal is to help people see and find their place in the global family called humanity, to understand their essential oneness and consider the human spirit in all endeavors.

We see our role as bridging…
Spirit and Business
Spirit and Science
Spirit and Healing
Spirit and Community Building
Spirit and Technology
Spirit and the Arts
Haves and Have Nots
Majorities and Minorities
Spiritual and Material
Animals and Humans
Life and Passion
Men and Women
Local and Global

e Spirit Bridge creates and produces educational conferences, seminars, courses, programs and materials to promote the study of consciousness, connect like-minded people, and provide tools for personal and collective transformation.
We collaborate with and feature the most visionary speakers from all wisdom traditions, the best experts, teachers and researchers who instruct and provide transformational experiences. These experiences facilitate higher consciousness, healing and profound understanding that leads to reflection and action to create a more holistic view, a more peaceful society and restore the connection to spirit in our communities. 
As various world conditions worsen and traditional systems break down, more and more people will be seeking answers, looking for alternatives, hungry to live balanced, meaningful and holistic lives, and needing supportive communities.
We believe that humanity is at a critical juncture and is in need of a critical mass seeking higher consciousness and interested in finding the root causes – usually a disconnection to Spirit – for these breakdowns.  People need tools, techniques, technologies and a sense of working in community to recreate a society that values human spirit and respects our interconnectedness and interdependency.
e Spirit Bridge produces live events, teleclasses, webinars, online courses, making use of the latest Web 2.0 technologies to assist people in staying connected, building community, finding the right partners for projects between and beyond the live events.